Talking Pools Podcast

To Bunnings for a Snag!

May 15, 2023 Rudy & Andrea, Swimming Pool Season 3 Episode 292
Talking Pools Podcast
To Bunnings for a Snag!
Show Notes Transcript

Peter, Shane, and Andrea break down the differences in some of the terminology used in the international pool industry, and Andrea interrupts very little.

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Here's a list of popular swimming pool hashtags for TikTok, along with a brief introduction to each one:

  1. #PoolParty: This hashtag is perfect for showcasing fun and lively pool parties. It's often used for videos featuring people enjoying themselves, engaging in water activities, and creating a festive atmosphere around the pool.
  2. #SwimmingPool: A straightforward and widely used hashtag for any content related to swimming pools. It covers a broad range of videos, including pool tours, swimming techniques, water games, and more.
  3. #PoolLife: This hashtag captures the essence of the pool lifestyle. It's commonly used for videos that showcase relaxation, luxury, and enjoying the poolside ambiance. Think sunbathing, sipping cocktails, and enjoying a carefree time by the pool.
  4. #PoolDance: If you're showcasing your dancing skills in or around the pool, this hashtag is perfect. It's ideal for videos featuring synchronized swimming, poolside dance routines, or even just grooving to music by the pool.
  5. #PoolTrickShots: This hashtag is all about impressive tricks and stunts performed in and around the pool. Whether it's diving, flipping, or throwing objects into the water with precision, #PoolTrickShots is the go-to hashtag for showcasing your skills.
  6. #PoolVibes: Use this hashtag to convey the relaxed and positive atmosphere around the pool. It's often associated with videos that highlight the beauty of the pool environment, such as stunning views, sparkling water, and soothing sounds.
  7. #PoolsideFitness: For fitness enthusiasts who enjoy working out in or around the pool, this hashtag is a great choice. It's commonly used for videos demonstrating water aerobics, aqua Zumba, swimming drills, and other pool-centric workouts.
  8. #PoolGoals: This hashtag is used to showcase dreamy, aspirational pool setups. It's perfect for videos featuring luxurious pools, stunning pool designs, beautiful landscaping, and unique pool features that make viewers go "wow."
  9. #MermaidLife: If you're a fan of mermaid-themed content or you enjoy swimming with a mermaid tail, this hashtag is for you. It's often used for videos featuring mermaid tails, underwater footage, and creative mermaid-inspired content.
  10. #PoolPets: This hashtag is dedicated to our furry friends who love the water. It's ideal for videos showcasing pets enjoying pool time, swimming, playing fetch in the water, or just being adorable around the pool.

Remember to use these hashtags strategically in your TikTok posts to increase visibility and reach within the swimming pool community.