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Troubleshooting Controllers (the other half)

May 16, 2023 Rudy & Andrea, Swimming Pool Season 3 Episode 290
Talking Pools Podcast
Troubleshooting Controllers (the other half)
Show Notes Transcript

Kelli & Dan get a little more in-depth and boy do these two deliver. Tune in now for the other half of the episode from last week on troubleshooting controllers.

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Welcome, oh wise and whimsical pool professionals, to a mystical journey through the enigmatic realm of troubleshooting pool controllers! Just like the flick of a mermaid's tail or a wave from a friendly water nymph, we shall unravel the mysteries that often leave us scratching our heads when these magical devices go awry. Prepare your wands of knowledge and let's dive into the depths of pool controller troubleshooting!

  1. The Mysterious Disappearance of Power:

In this enchanting chapter, we encounter the phenomenon of a pool controller that suddenly loses all power. Fear not, dear professionals, for this is often a simple spell to reverse! Begin by checking the obvious – inspect the power supply and ensure it's securely connected to the controller. Wave your hand over the breaker panel and see if the switch has tripped. With a flick of your wand, reset the breaker and let the magic flow once more!

  1. The Haunting Ghost Buttons:

Ah, the haunting tale of ghost buttons that seemingly have a mind of their own! Picture this: you press a button, but the controller responds with a flurry of random commands. Fear not, for this mystery can be solved with a sprinkle of technical know-how! Check if any debris or liquid has found its way beneath the buttons, causing mischief. If so, use a gentle touch to clean the buttons and cast away the mischievous spirits. Voila! The buttons shall obey your commands once more.

  1. The Cursed Sensor Readings:

Sometimes, the pool controller's sensors can be under the spell of inaccurate readings. As you delve into this arcane riddle, take heed of these enchanted steps. First, ensure that the sensors are properly calibrated, for their mystical accuracy depends on it. Cast your eyes upon the sensor wiring and inspect for any signs of damage or corrosion. If necessary, enchant the sensors with a magical touch of cleaning or replace them with new ones. Soon, the cursed readings shall be banished, and the pool shall be under your spell once more!

  1. The Mystical Connection Woes:

Ah, the ethereal dance of connections that can make or break a pool controller's functionality. Should you encounter a pool controller that refuses to communicate with other devices, do not despair! First, perform a magical inspection of the wiring connections, ensuring they are tightly secured. If all seems well in the physical realm, venture into the digital realm and verify the network settings. Should you need to summon the assistance of a networking sorcerer, fear not, for their expertise shall help untangle this web of connectivity spells.


And so, dear pool professionals, we emerge from the depths of troubleshooting pool controllers, our minds shimmering with newfound knowledge. With a sprinkle of magic and a dash of technical prowess, you can conquer any enigma that these mystical devices throw your way. Remember, troubleshooting is an adventure filled with whimsy, where problems are merely invitations to unleash your creative problem-solving abilities. May your pool controllers forever be under your benevolent spell, ensuring sparkling waters and joyful splashes for all who enter the enchanted realm of pools!