Talking Pools Podcast

Stealing Employees

April 26, 2023 Rudy & Andrea, Swimming Pool Season 3 Episode 277
Talking Pools Podcast
Stealing Employees
Show Notes Transcript

This is the one where Heather is talking about the nab-and-grab method of recruiting and how you better be prepared to handle what you dish out.

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[Opening Music]

Heather: Howdy, y'all! Welcome to another episode of Talking Pools, where we dive deep into the sparkling world of pool business. I'm your host, Heather, and as always, I'm here with my partner in crime, Chris. How are you doing, Chris?

Chris: Well, howdy, Heather! I'm doing just fine, thank you kindly. Ready to rustle up some valuable tips for our fellow pool folks out there.

Heather: You betcha, Chris! Today's episode is all about ropin' in some top talent for your pool company, and we're talkin' about recruitin' employees from other pool companies. Now, before we jump in, let's take a moment to thank our sponsor, Deep End Pool Supplies. They're always there to keep your pool gear in tip-top shape!

Chris: That's right, Heather! Now, let's wrangle this topic, Texas-style. When it comes to snatching up talent from other pool outfits, you gotta play it smart. First off, build a solid reputation in the pool community. Word spreads like wildfire, and you want other cowboys and cowgirls to know that your company is a hot spot to work.

Heather: Absolutely, partner! Networking is key in our neck of the woods. Attend pool expos, conferences, and local events where folks from other companies might be hangin' their hats. Get to know 'em, show 'em your genuine Texas hospitality, and let 'em know that your corral is always open for talented pool wranglers.

Chris: That's right, Heather! And once you've made those connections, it's time to lasso 'em in. Reach out to those folks directly and let 'em know you're interested in bringin' 'em aboard. Highlight the advantages of workin' for your outfit—whether it's better pay, more growth opportunities, or just a darn good team atmosphere.

Heather: Ain't that the truth, Chris? And don't forget to sweeten the deal. Offerin' some perks like flexible schedules, company vehicles, or even paid trainin' can make your pitch mighty hard to resist. Show 'em that your company values its employees and is willin' to go the extra mile.

Chris: You're speakin' my language, Heather! And let's not forget about the power of testimonials. Reach out to your current crew and ask 'em to share their positive experiences workin' for your company. Them happy employees can be powerful advocates and entice talent from other pools to jump on board.

Heather: Couldn't agree more, Chris! And lastly, be patient, pardner. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a top-notch pool team. Sometimes it takes time to convince folks to switch saddles, so don't lose heart. Keep at it, keep buildin' relationships, and sooner or later, you'll have a team that's fit to ride the range with ya!

Chris: Wise words, Heather! Wranglin' talent from other pool companies ain't always easy, but with a little bit of know-how and a whole lot of Texas charm, you can build a dream team. That's all the time we have for today, folks. Thanks for tunin' in to Talking Pools, the podcast that keeps your pool business from feelin' like a tumbleweed in the wind!

Heather: Y'all take care now, and remember to keep it cool by the pool! Until next time!

[Closing Music]